Bill 4, with amendments, passed 3rd reading in the Nova Scotia Legislature April 13, 2021.

The amendments to the bill removed many of the concerns for private landowners. You spoke up and the Government of Nova Scotia listened.  
Thanks to the thousands of private landowners who contacted their MLA, posted their concerns on this website and social media, wrote letters to the newspaper, and spoke up at Law Amendments Committee.
The real details of the bill will come in the regulations. We must stay on guard and be ready to speak up once again. The government has promised more consultation. We will provide more information once it is available.
For now, you should be proud of what you have accomplished and be ready to speak up again!

Bill 4 isn’t about the environment.

It’s about who gets to control private land.

The Concerned Private Landowner’s Coalition (CPLC) was recently formed to defend the rights of Nova Scotia’s private landowners. The Government of Nova Scotia has just introduced a law, Bill 4 – to Conserve the Biodiversity of Nova Scotia. (Bill4). This Bill sounds like motherhood and apple pie. It is not. It is a real threat to Nova Scotia’s landowners. Over 65% of Nova Scotia’s land is privately owned. There are over 40,000 landowners who own more than 5 acres of land.

We represent the farmers, woodlot owners, housing and cottage developers and thousands of other Nova Scotians who are proud landowners. In most cases, we share our land with the public to enjoy for recreation without limiting access. Nobody cares more about our land than we do. We care more about the health of our land than any government ever would. Bill 4 threatens the peaceful enjoyment of our land and must not become law.

Bill 4 isn’t about the environment. It’s about who gets to control private land.

Bill 4 is an assault on landowners and their rights. It limits how landowners can use their own land.

Bill 4 threatens million-dollar fines for landowners for violating rules it doesn’t define.

There is no other legislation like Bill 4 in Canada because no other government would ever try to control private land this way.

Halifax activists want to be able to control what rural property owners do on their land.

Bill 4 will give activists a tool they have wanted for many years to harass landowners and stop all agriculture, recreational activity, forestry, hunting and fishing on private lands.

Every current user of private lands is threatened by Bill 4 because private landowners will be forced to close their lands to the public to protect themselves from losing control over their property.

1. If you use your land for farming or forestry, or housing development or recreation now or hope to in the future, Bill 4 threatens your activity.

2. If you snowmobile, ATV, cycle, snowshoe, hike, hunt or fish in Nova Scotia now, Bill 4 threatens your activity.

Concerns with Bill 4

1. There is no clear, stated purpose for Bill 4

There is no, clear stated purpose for the Act. Why does this Act exist? A bill to “protect biodiversity” is so vague that it could mean anything. Unlike Acts to protect “Species at Risk” or establish “Parks and Protected Places”, this Bill speaks of nothing specific and threatens all sorts of specific consequences for landowners without clear goals to follow. It mentions animals, plants and organisms as comprising our biodiversity without indicating any priority or value to them based on any factor such as ecological importance or prevalence. Is one spore the same as another spore? Are some spores worth protecting while others aren’t? Who get’s to decide?

2. Bill 4 applies to all land in Nova Scotia, not just the Crown Land.

There are three parts to the Bill that impact private land ownership.

    1. Establishment of Biodiversity Management Zones (BMZ). The bill says the Minister can establish a BMZ with the consent of the private landowner. It then says the BMZ “may include” a series of elements including compensation but doesn’t compel them to be part of every agreement.
    2. Issue an Emergency Order. There are no details about what circumstances or reasons could trigger an Emergency Order. The Minister could issue one at anytime, for any piece of private land for any reason under the umbrella of “conservation of biodiversity in the Province”. This undefined power could be used by Activists to pressure the Minister to issue an Emergency Order for any sort of perceived biodiversity risk which would limit a landowner’s use of their property and result in costs and loss of land use for the landowner.
    3. Limitless Power to Regulate Private Lands.  The bill gives the government unlimited power to prohibit any activities that affect natural living things on privately owned lands.  These activities could require a permit or be banned altogether.  This can be done through blanket regulations that apply province-wide: no BMZ or Emergency Order is required. 

3. Bill 4, the Biodiversity Act is a dream of the Halifax Activists.

They have been trying for a decade to gain full control of any land use activities in Nova Scotia. That’s what this is all about. They want to stop all natural resource economic activity and this will give them a tool to do so.  If you use your land now for a productive activity such as farming or forestry or would like to in the future, Bill 4 will make it a lot more difficult and costly.

4. Restricting Public Access

Nova Scotia’s landowners have a long tradition of letting the public use their land for recreation. Whether that’s for hiking or cycling, hunting or fishing, ATV’ing or snowmobiling, recreational users have always respected the landowner’s generosity. Sadly, Bill 4 will force many landowners to restrict access to their land out of fear that unlimited public access will allow activists to search for signs of animals, plants and organisms that could result in the application of Bill 4 and limit the productive use of their land.

5. Governments only hide things that are damaging. Where are the regulations that would implement Bill 4?

Landowners should be worried. When the Government won’t provide the details upfront it means they are hiding something. When they won’t tell you the rules but will tell you the fine could be a million dollars for breaking them, landowners should be scared. What will a landowner be responsible for? What is an offence? A Bill without Regulations is a threat. Worse, putting all of the discretionary power in the hands of a Minister who is susceptible to political and activist pressures isn’t the way to plan for the long-term welfare of any land.

6. Why rush Bill 4?

Our land isn’t going anywhere. Landowners aren’t going to pick up and leave Nova Scotia. The Activists will tell you they have waited too long. Well too bad. This rush to appease the Activists and pass an ill-thought piece of legislation is wrong. It’s a complicated subject with many rights, users and interests. Take the time to consult and establish a harmonious path forward where private landowners can have confidence their rights are respected, and their land won’t be used for some political agenda. This needs to be done before the bill becomes law, not after.

Take Action

If you care about your land, your rights and your ability to enjoy private land in Nova Scotia, have your voice heard.


Stop Bill 4 – Before it Stops You!

Make your voice heard

Here are a few ways that you can make your voice heard on Bill 4.  MLA’s need to understand your worries and concerns about this bill. Please do one or more of the following:

  1. Write/ Call your MLA to express your concerns around Bill 4. ( MLA Contact Information ). Tell them:
      • This Act puts control of YOUR land in the hands of Activists and politicians and that is not acceptable.
      • Your landowner rights are NOT being protected; they are being stepped on.
      • This Act is not voluntary – there are triggers in the Act that allow for the Minister to issue an order limiting what you can do on your land.
      • This Act could force you to restrict or shut down public access to your land.
  2. Register to appear before Law Amendments Committee on Bill 4: Call the Office of legislative Counsel to register. Phone: 902-424-8941.  This should be done immediately. A date has not been announced for these presentations, but the committee is accepting requests to present.
  3. Forward a written submission to the Law Amendments Committee on Bill Submit by email:
  4. Write/ Call your local councillor – Tell them you want your local council to express opposition to Bill 4 to the provincial government
  5. Post your views on Facebook and Twitter. Post a message expressing your opposition to Bill 4.
  6. Write a response to MLA posts on The Biodiversity Act. Many MLA’s posted messages when the Act was introduced last week. Write a comment on their Facebook post expressing your opposition to the Bill.
  7. Write a letter to the editor in your local paper.
  8. Call into a radio call-in show
  9. Post signs your property- Stop Bill 4

Example Letters to MLA

Copy and Paste as needed

From landowner

Dear ___________________

I am writing to let you know that I am very concerned about Bill 4. I own xx acres in xxxx County. I use my land now for xxxxx. I have plans to use it for xxxx in the future. Nobody cares more about my land than I do.  If Bill 4 passes, I am worried that government will try to tell me what I can or cannot do with my own land.  My family has owned for xxx years, we pay our taxes and take care of our land.

As my MLA, I want you to know that I don’t want government telling me what I can and can not do with my land.  I don’t want activists on my property looking for certain plants and animals, declaring they must be protected and shutting down activity.  I let my neighbours on my property to enjoy themselves on trails or in the woods. Bill 4 will force me to limit all access on my land so that I don’t risk having activists finding a reason to shut it down. 

This Act is not voluntary – there are triggers in the Act that will allow a Minister, under pressure from activists, to issue an order limiting what I can and can’t do on my land. 

Bill 4 threatens the peaceful enjoyment of my land and must not become law.

Thank you,

From land user

Dear _______________

I am writing to you today to express my concern around Bill 4 – The Biodiversity Act. Landowners in my area are afraid that this bill takes away their rights to manage their own land. I understand from private landowners in my area that the threat of big fines and lack of clear rules will force them shut down public access to their land. That is a shame. I’m from xxxxx and use a lot of private land to (hike, cycle, hunt, fish snowmobile and/or ATV).  Landowners have been great, they let us use their land as long as we don’t leave a mess. My fear is that Bill 4, will force my neighbours to restrict access to their land because this bill creates too big of a risk for them. 

Please stop this from becoming law so that we can continue to enjoy the land in this area. As a land user I oppose Bill 4.

Thank you,

Thank you to our supporters

    • Forest Nova Scotia
    • ARF Enterprises Ltd.
    • Dean Produce Co-Op
    • Christmas Tree Council of Nova Scotia
    • Nova Scotia Landowners and Forest Fibre Producers Association
    • Canadian Woodlands Forum
    • Snowmobilers Association of Nova Scotia

    • Cumberland Forestry Advisory Committee

    • Jack Brown Limited
    • Canadian Federation of Forest Owners

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  1. Danny & DIana Hirtle

    As a very concerned private land owner ,1300+ acres of private land that we have cared for centuries ! There are many loopholes in this bill 4. We do NOT want to be told what we can and cannot do on our own forest land . What the government wants to do with crown land is one thing but no one should be able to dictate what activity we do on our own land that we have nurtured and cared for .If this bill passes no one will have permission to trespass on any of our wood lots , STOP BILL 4!

    • Lesley

      And still no terminal…

      p.s. Melford Loop*

    • barbara weaver

      no to bill 4

      • David Weaver

        Bill 4 is a joke it should not made it this far ,we soon will have to ask some one to go to the bathroom. We do not need some one telling us how to use our land . STOP BILL 4.

        • Laurette

          Stop Bill 4.. it’s called rights & freedom. We should be able to do what we want with OUR land. The government shouldn’t decide what we can and cannot do.

      • Jesslyn Chisholm

        No to bill 4

        • Steph

          No to bill 4, we need out rights as Canadians in

      • Brian Daley

        Stop bill 4 this is no good for nature lovers and land owners. No one should be able to tell you what todo on your own land . Orcrown land if your not doing anything thing illegal.

      • Steph

        No to bill 4, we need out rights as Canadians

    • Calvin Young

      I fully support your concerns regarding Bill 4. Governments must not be the deciders in the use of how landowners use their land. Further, I agree that discretionary powers MUST not be put into the hands of a minister who is susceptible to political and activists pressures. Unfortunately, Bill 4 is to vague and the Governments must not let this bill pass under no circumstances. STOP Bill 4 Now.

  2. Cal Boudreau

    Nobody will take care of our land better than us

    • R. Grimm

      Our family has owned hundreds of acres of land since settling here several generations ago. It is used for farming, forestry and recreation. To say this bill overreaches is a major understatement.

      This bill is unacceptable and must be struck down. Nova Scotia landowners cannot and will not stand for being run over by the shady tactics of government.

    • Blaine and Brenda Daniels

      We the Blaine Daniels family want to stop Bill4. We do not want to be told what we can or can not do with our land. The Bill 4 needs to be trashed

      • William Young

        As woodlot owners we do not want any changes to our property rights, stop Bill4

    • Carolyn

      They want control of everyone’s land ,not good at all

      • June

        I am against this bill I pay taxes and love my land I will oppose this as much as possible.
        There is no way I am paying taxes on land I can be told I cant use .

        STOP BILL 4 NOW

  3. Jeremy

    We need to stand together and stop this this is a great website if we all stand together we have a shot at this! I heat my home and family with our woodlot and i refuse to change that!

  4. Gregory

    There is no way this is for the environment. They just want control over land that ppl PAID for and pay taxes…no no no this CANNOT HAPPEN!

    • Lorie McMurrer

      I just bought 30 acres for the privacy and ability to do what ever I want. I dear all of you who want this bill processed. It is ridiculous. Its my land. I bought and paid for it, I pay taxes on it. It is my choice what to do with it Not anyone else.

      • Elaine MacRae

        Gary and Elaine MacRae want to stop bill 4, it violates our rights as a private land owner

      • Earnie and Linda Carver

        We have owned the back 31 acres of what use to be my Grandfather’s land since 1990. We payed good money for it and have paid taxes on it since. My neighbors see how well it is maintained. This land has been in the Carver Family for 100+ years. No Buddy will love and maintain it better than us. As an ex. We have wildlife etc… on it everywhere. Stop Bill four and stop harassing the people who feed this great province with all the goods we consume.

    • Melanie Robar

      This is just a horrible oppressive idea that smacks of communism. My land is also my refuge. No one will care for it as much as I do and I am also generations deep in doing so.

  5. Rick Hicks

    No one should be able to tell me how to use my land, this is just a money grab from politicians.

    • Unknown

      Please make an Instagram to spread the word on how bad this bill is!!

  6. Glenn Wile

    This is another way of inciting violence. Private land owners will fight to protect their rights to their own land. Do we not have to pay our property tax to maintain ownership?

    • Janice

      Does this Bill have anything to do with the natural gas pipe line that will be going through Nova Scotia to New Brunswick. It seems funny that this Bill happens at the same time. Please answer this question?

      • Todd Burgess

        I am not sure if this bill has anything to do with the natural gas pipeline, you would have to ask the Premier or the Minister of Lands and Forestry about that. All I know is…this Act gives massive power to the Minister of Lands and Forestry over ALL private property, not just private woodlots.

  7. Gerald veinot

    this is the way Hitler would have done this kind of act

  8. Scott Dodge

    The gov’t needs to stay out of everyone’s business, and the money that is generated from everyone is a lot of jobs and taxes

    • Richard Melanson

      They are taking our rights. This is unacceptable. We heat our home from our own land. STOP BILL 4!! We pay taxes on this land. They shouldn’t try to stop us from doing anything on our own land.

  9. Chris

    If you read this bill 4 it is almost a Carbon copy of UN Agenda 2030. It is said that over 500 Mayors across Canada have signed onto this UN Agenda 2030. Between Carbon taxes and the massive Inflation we are seeing People are struggling big time. We have lost so many of our Rights this all has to be stopped, I am sick and tired of all this Globalist BS. We have lost our sovereignty. Wake up people.

    • Colin

      Just look at the poor job the NS government has done with our crown land. By clearing cutting almost every inch of it. I’ll be damed if they tell me what I can cant do on my property after the poor example they have shown us so far.


    • Robert

      Chris is right about agenda 30 which also calls for no private land ownership. Check out the Great Reset.

    • Sheldon

      I came to see if anyone else has made the connection between Agenda 2030 and Bill4. They use much of the same language with many of the same vague goals. It all sounds harmless and utopian but it is anything but.

      Goal 15 of Agenda 2030
      “Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss”

      Imagine the governmental control of private land necessary to achieve these goals.

  10. Guy leblanc

    The Elected are here and appointed to do our bidding, if this is passed this proves the Country is turning towards a Dictatorship Government. They as in Ottawa have been and are slowly but surely removing the rights of Canadians in a sneaky round about way and the Meek are all to easy to fool.

  11. Julia McMillan

    We do not support this bill, Government has overreached with this one.

    • Michael Gregory

      Julia the more I read about this Act the more concerned I become. A person would have to be deaf, dumb, blind and stupid not to see what is happening here. What has gone wrong with our premier? I will continue to write MLA’s and encourage them to vote against this bill.

      • Linda

        Thank You Michael Gregory for supporting us

  12. Dennis Beaver

    Government officials were supposedly our representatives to express our views and protect our rights. This concept has vanished long ago, and they are now arrogant dictators with only their own agendas in the forefront. They must be held accountable,and stopped

    • Darrin Hutt

      Just another way for the government to turn control of land to environmental groups and NGO’S, they are trying this on the eastern shore with a MPA . We pushed back once and will push harder next time. The view of a few should not be the rule for all

  13. Paula Bowden

    This is so wrong! Our land is our land, not the governments! We do not want this Bill 4 passed. I thought the government was there to serve us, 5he people, not be told we cannot do what we want with our land. We pay taxes on this land, what the hell!

  14. Jeff Gee

    This Bill goes above and beyond! Totally don’t support it whatsoever. As a small Woodlot owner 35 acres I bought this land for my enjoyment and others. It has a multi use trail through it which I continue and always will allow others to enjoy too! Don’t take my Happy Stress free place away!

  15. Chris Oickle

    It seems governments all over the world are more than willing to take peoples property and stomp all over our charter rights to control us these days, our ancestors who fought and died in WW1 and WW2 would be rolling in their graves today if they knew what was going on these days, I think its soon time for WW3 to put these tyrants back in their place or abolish them completely

  16. Gary Cameron

    STOP BILL 4 IT IS WRONG for the private land owners to lose control of their property. Not only are wood lots being effected by this bill, property owners in the province will not be able to cut down a tree with out applying for and paying for a permit. The activists want full control of everything you think or do STOP THEM NOW.

  17. Christine

    Honestly what the frig , I do NOT agree with Bill 4 I hope all read this above message and vote NO !!

  18. Dawn PS Frazer

    We are not comfortable with this proposed Bill at all.

  19. Wayne Russell

    This makes me sad and angry at the same time. I retired here after 20+ years in the military, spent a lot of time in Afghanistan to fight for our freedom and now they try this! This has to be stopped it’s a slap in the face for everyone who fought and died for our freedom to use our land as we see fit. If it’s causing harm to others that’s one thing but this is just plain communism in my opinion. STOP IT NOW!!!

    • Floyd Porter

      You are absolutely right. Even the municipal government have too much power over private land owners. Take Milford Loop and surrounding area in Guysborough Co.. The government expropriated land and houses in Milford Loop to make way for the proposed Milford Terminal. The paid for the land and houses only what they, the government, offered. Some fought back for more money and some got it, but in the end it was: Take our offer, here’s the money, now get off the land, or we’ll throw you off.

      • Lesley

        And still no terminal…

        p.s. Melford Loop*

  20. Sandra Campbell

    This is so wrong! Our land is our land, not the governments! We do not want this Bill 4 passed. I thought the government was there to serve us, the people, not be told we cannot do what we want with our land. We pay taxes on this land

    • Nicole

      Not a free country at all. We’re all being punished for the sins of the crown land desecrators. No to this farce of a bill!

  21. Pat Rennie

    This is all part of the Great Reset we are hearing about! They want to own our properties so we own nothing. This liberal government needs to be removed in the next election.


    Unbelievable that this is happening in a “free” country. If only you could see the decimation that the government have done to their crown lands in Cape Breton. They should be taking a better look at that & not concerning themselves with small private landowners.

    • Dale & Jane Oderkirk

      I agree completely with your comments and observations regarding the dismal crown land management. Governments across the country seem to be taking a small bite out of all of us every year, usually small enough so they believe we won’t notice. I’m certain all landowners in the province believe in biodiversity and have been caring for their properties for centuries and still do. These holier than now activists should focus their efforts on education and not promote forceful takeovers of private lands, which they seem to believe, only they know how to manage. Disgraceful and shame on the government for listening.

  23. Hugh Minard

    Biodiversity is a good thing. Bill 4 is NOT a good thing. Approving powers to allow the government to make what ever decision they are persuaded to regarding private lands is not right. Some of the lands I own have been in my family since Queens county was settled and they are private lands not crown lands. Stop bill 4 as it is now worded.

    • Kevin Mood

      Agree with you Hugh. This legislation is extremely dangerous and should not proceed. A statement on the Ecology Action Center website specifically states that landowners could perhaps use the act to prevent “harmful” activities on neighboring properties. We don’t need neighbor’s fighting with each other over purity ratings of their activities. This is one more step in the tactics used by activists to eliminate the forest industry in NS. First it’s elimination of clear cuts then it’s elimination of silvicultural practices they contend resemble clear cuts and then it’s eliminate any activity that threatens biodiversity. First it’s save the trees and then it’s save everything in the name of their holy cause. A “thin wedge” tactic that we have seen used by unions and other organizations. Our gov’t does not have the experience or wisdom to see the danger OR worse have decided that they can win the next election by siding with the activist urban population at the expense of rural folks.

  24. Russell Huntington

    This needs a lot of attention on behalf of the landowners of Nova Scotia / and anyone that thinks this a a great idea for the landowners of nova scotia is very misinformed / this happens when the Gov. listening to a small minatory of people called wagging the dog by this tail.
    This is our Premier trying to squeezing the landowners wrights from the people of Nova Scotia, but the people will have the last say at the next ELECTION

  25. T Polley

    This is so wrong! I own land in different counties of NS and use it for hunting, fishing, hiking, ATV & snowmobiling, photography and so much more, there are snowmobile and ATV clubs that utilize parts of it for trails, I intend to construct a camp in the future, this bill threatens all of this activity, we must get this stopped! The liberal government will down play the intent of this Bill to get as much buy in as possible and once passed they will amend and have complete control of your land, essentially rendering it worthless.

  26. Patty Peach

    Leave the hardworking woodsman alone. We buy the land & something has to be ours.. Government/Trudeau has taken enough… PLEASE STOP RUINING HARD WORKING PEOPLES LIVES..

  27. Bob

    Bill for is an outrage. No one will take better care of the land then the owners themselves .it just seems to be away for the government to fine u and take ur land away you bought the land you pay taxes on the land it’s yours not the governments. People work hard for they’re lifestyles now your saying they don’t matter if you pass this bill

  28. D Ogilvie

    This is so wrong on so many levels! I don’t know where the government thinks they have the right to listen to a small group of people who don’t have a clue what the land owners do with there private property. This destroys a lot of income for Beef farmers, fruit growers, dairy farmers and produce growers ,we put food on your table and the forestry they provide lumbar to build homes and barns also heat the home with fire wood. This is also be taking income away from hiking ,fishing, walking,ATV & snowmobiling plus a lot more. Wake up We private land owners Don’t want Bill 4. I don’t know how the Government thinks they can give a small group of people that much power. You are playing & destroying peoples lives. STOP BILL 4 This is our land we pay our Taxes not the Government.

    • Kevin Marchand

      Please stop this bill
      Gives the minister to much power and special interest groups.
      We pay the taxes on the land
      And we obey all the regulations as far as what or how we can do things on the land
      Not in favour of this bill
      Even the fines are not fair

    • Kendall and Pamela Crouse

      We purchased 50 acres of land for privacy and to eliminate the possibility of development. We do not want activists or government dictating to us what we can do with our land. This land is used for hiking and hunting and is to be enjoyed by future generations. We pay the taxes it is our right to use as we see fit. Stop this bill!

  29. Freda Friesen

    Hello 👋 I strongly do not consent to this Bill 4 we own our own property and are paying taxes the government has absolutely no and I mean no right to tell us what we can and cannot do on our own land this has to stop like yesterday I say NO NO NO NO to this bill 4

  30. Constance Sanford-Savoie

    I DO NOT agree with bill #4 we pay alot in taxes for the land we purchased and no one has the right to tell us what we can do on our land

  31. M. Stirling

    I can’t believe this guy put his name on this and why would Ian Rankin even entertain it! This is a career killer in my mind.

    Biodiversity Act

    The Honourable Chuck Porter
    Minister of Lands and Forestry

    Constituency Party Start Date
    Hants West Liberal 2016
    Hants West Ind 2014 – 2016
    Hants West PC 2006 – 2014

    You learn real fast as a farmer not to stick your hand where it doesn’t belong or you can end your career early.

    This is a poor Bill drafted by people that can’t see the forest for the trees. Small minded people looking for a pay off?

    • L Paunins

      Book my jail cell now as I’m not having none of this . Worked hard for what I have and am not going to have some city dweller that needs a place to walk his dog tell me what to do with the property I love and I live on. The government cannot even control highway litter let alone manage biodiversity.

  32. Natalie

    As a cottage and home/land owner this has to be stopped. We pay so much in money, blood sweat and tears for our pieces of paradise. Taxes upon taxes and now they want control over our properties! Enough is enough. This bill 4 cannot happen.
    No Bill 4!!!!!

    • David Russell Stirling

      I find it really hard to believe that anyone in their right mind would believe we the public would like to give up our property that we have worked for! What ever happened to
      LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE ? I myself feel very strongly that any politician that would put anything this wrong should be removed from office under the grounds that they are supposed to be looking out for the public.

  33. Richard Allen

    Stop This Bill! As a long time snowmobiler on many privately owned land with roads/trails through them, I feel Bill 4 will put an end to access to the beautiful trails we have now.

  34. C. Wallace

    These small minded people need to get out and do a hard days work! STOP looking for an easy way out and leave the the Private land owners alone. I SAY NO TO BILL 4 . This a good way for Ian Rankin to end his career really fast.

  35. Bill McKassidy

    Bill 4 is a horse’s A. Were did it come from? I will throw rocks at anybody with binoculars on my property.

  36. Debbie/Bernie Mosher

    Stop Bill 4

  37. D kennedy

    no bill 4 spread the word

  38. Matthew

    How dare they attempt to limit Private Landowners use of their own property when they allow utter devastation of crown land for profit, They have had years to stop clear cutting and so called Silviculture and have not.

    I, my neighbours and family fully oppose this nanny state bill that is yet another political stunt. Enough is enough.

  39. Kim

    This can not happen. The government tells us what to do to much now. We need to keep our land “Our Land”. It’s my land that my father gave me and I should do what I want with it.

    • Daniel Fougère

      Where are our rights ,as Canadian citizens, going? To me, it appears that we are heading towards having a dictatorship government. Heading, little by little, towards a communist regime.The leaders have been elected by the people for the people and are suppose to represent and do things for the good of the people. Too many sneaky things happening and voted on without the people being made aware of what is taking place. We have a right of being notified and involved in these matters before voting takes place, because it affects us. It’s our private land and we have acquired it through proper channels. Furthermore, we are made to pay taxes on it in order to keep it. Time to stop these extreme lobbyists with their crazy ideas. Vote NO on this Bill 4 and let the private land owners enjoy what they have legally acquired and is rightfully theirs.

  40. Jennifer

    NO BILL 4
    our land is our land

  41. Earle Miller

    A blatant disregard for landowner rights. I’m glad to see so many of us landowners and land users standing up against this piece of poorly thought out legislation.

  42. Sandy

    Stop bill 4 the government trying to tell you what you can do on your own land nothing good will come from this bill

  43. Kathy

    Stop Bill 4 immediately ! The government does not have the right to decide what we , as law abiding and tax paying citizens , do with our “OWN ” land. The tail wagging the dog is so right and it needs to stop . I have always felt that if something is not good for the ” majority ” of citizens then it is not good and should not be passed or put forth. Time for the government to stand “up” for instead of ” against ” its people !

  44. Mike C

    Government overreach at its worst! This bill needs to be stopped

  45. Bruce Wiggins

    I am looking to buy land. I do not believe the government should have any right to dictate what I do with the land that I buy. If this BILL 4 goes through, we will be in a sorry state of affairs. STOP BILL 4

  46. Robert

    I am writing to you today to express my concern around Bill 4 – The Biodiversity Act. Landowners in my area are afraid that this bill takes away their rights to manage their own land. I understand from private landowners in my area that the threat of big fines and lack of clear rules will force them shut down public access to their land. That is a shame. I use a lot of private land to (hike, cycle, hunt, fish snowmobile and/or ATV). Landowners have been great, they let us use their land as long as we don’t leave a mess. My fear is that Bill 4, will force my neighbours to restrict access to their land because this bill creates too big of a risk for them.

  47. Helen

    Who proposed the bill – needs investigating. Spread the word

  48. Dave Cameron

    Bill 4 is very dangerous. We put people in government to govern NOT rule. This bill is getting close to a third world country or a dictatorship.

    • Larry Marchand

      My family and I own a few thousand acres of land in Nova Scotia.We use the land for fishing ,hunting,4-wheeling,hiking and developing. I do not want the government or anyone else telling me what I can do with my land.Stop bill4.

  49. B Boudreau

    This bill should never have come to the floor, those who dreamt up this are from another planet and should return to under whatever rock they crawled out from under!!!

  50. Frank Bonnell


  51. Lynwood Conrad

    Enough is enough, our elected officials need to get some backbone and use some common sense. As property owners we pay taxes and should be able use the land how we choose. If it is crown land the government seems to do what they want, like sell it for a golf course.

  52. todd

    It seems funny the a government that has failed to manage the crown lands, and allowed clear cutting to go through our province unchecked would be saying this is to help them protect your private lands. This Bill 4 Sounds a lot like years ago when the rats would move into the pile out behind the barn if you did not take care of the rats you would not be farming for long. Sounds like the rats have found a way into the Government of the day. What was that we used with the flashlight years ago, to get read of the rats. Put Bill 4 in place and a gate will go up on over one thousand acre of land the next day. step over the gate and find out where the rats have gone that was in the pile behind the barn. If we can not enjoy the forests and the field and pay the taxes on them without this kind of garbage coming from our Government then it may be time to get rid of one. Guess which one

  53. Janet

    we do not support the Bill 4 at all, I’ll be damed if government is going to tell us what we can and cannot do on our property that we bought with our hard earned money and pay the dam taxes on it. What we do on our property is our own business not yours, we do our best to make our property look its best, we do not clear cut all pieces of land that we can get our fingers on like the government does.

  54. Eugene Allen Herman

    Is this what our politicians are representing us to do? I think there are more important issues to have them spend their time on. They talk about people getting out to enjoy the outdoors for their mental health as well as physical health and then they want to impose restrictions like this? “STOP BILL 4 BEFORE WE WASTE ANY MORE TIME ON IT!” As secretary/treasurer for South Shore Wildlife Association and our 135 members, I can not agree with Bill 4!

  55. Kevin

    I do not support this bill ! The details are not outlined, the government should spend their efforts somewhere else!

  56. Dorothy Keddy

    I do NOT support bill4!
    I am a land owner in 2 counties in rural NS. I pay taxes on those properties and what I choose to do on or with my property as long as it’s legal is no one’s business but mine!
    People work hard for the assets they acquire over their years! Stop this! And stop burning up $$$$ tax payer money on this!
    This is a landowner that says No!

  57. Terry Blackstone

    Absolutely not, this is bordering on totalitarianism, we can barely drive a nail in the upkeep of our own buildings without an approval from the micro-management team. Where is the freedom if your land becomes constrained in the same way. Democracy has to last longer than 1 election day.
    Terry Blackstone concerned landowner Guysborough and Victoria County

  58. Beverley

    Bill 4 needed to stopped from passing. What do we own land, pay our taxes for if not to do what we want on our land.

    • Douglas Hazell

      Well if they want to tells us how and what we can do with r land then they can pay the land taxes because apparently the land owners ain’t going to have the say. Stop bill 4 and deal with bigger problem like getting some to run the province the way it should be and leave the land OWNERS alone.

  59. Caroline Carter

    i have less than 10 acres, but i paid for it myself and what i do is not a goverments concern or to be controlled by them

  60. Terry Blackstone

    Just heard the alteratioins to Bill4
    1. Remember the minister has full athority to make changes at a latter date
    2. If the government of the day is serious why not table a bill to protect the rights of property owners, our freedom depends on it, we may not be awake next time.
    Terry Blackstone concerned landowner Guysborough and Victoria County

    • B

      This is so true.

      If the Government passes a watered down version of this bill all that will happen is they will sneak the rest of the regulations back in at a later date.

      Stop Bill 4 now!

  61. Amanda

    If this is passed which would be insane ! I will gladly forever leave a province that thinks they are going to be the boss of my property and land . Insane ! Some country this has turned into !

  62. Nate

    I myself am a landowner and so is my father believe the same view we have used these lands we own for heat and for other rec things as well and recently we just bought a saw mill to enjoy the land as a family they should not be aloud to tell us what to do I thought this was a free country this is not right I am very concerned and hope this doesn’t happen very sad

  63. David

    Government already exceeded their goal in acquiring land for protection by expanding Tobeatic and expropriating land. Bill 4 is not acceptable! I am totally opposed!!

  64. G.Linthorne

    Here they go again,it seems the only democracy that’s left for us is we get a chance to vote in who we want in government that’s going to figure out how they can screw us over even more . If they would put some of that energy into fixing problems like healthcare and homelessness and a lot of other problems that are plaguing our country things might get a little better . Now they want to control private lands ,what’s next ? Bill 4 has to be torn up or soon we’ll probably have to have permission to grow vegetables or have a barbecue in our oun back yards .


  65. paul

    stop bill 4, not the right way to go. so the farmers going to let there animals starve, don’t think so

    • Joe Breen

      I own a wood lot it,s been in my family for over 100yrs my family has looked after the land, I don,t want government to tell me how to manage it sincerely joeGrizbe

  66. todd

    Down here on the south shore up above Bridgewater before the election in the U.S.A. I seen a field with “BYE TRUMP” mowed into it. It was a clear statement by the land owner how they felt. Maybe we need to mow into our fields “BYE IAN Rankin”. But you know what, someone who would bring a Bill 4 like this before Government would probable just stand there an say I wonder what they mean by mowing that in their fields. If you can not think of any thing more important then Bill 4 to do in this Government then it is time to go. BYE IAN

  67. Joe burke

    This is pathetic how can someone even think they can do this to people. It.’s all about politics and control. Talk away your freedom then your land ! Stop bill 4

  68. Bernard

    Karl Marx once stated the his main goal was the total elimination of private property.

    This Bill is an assault on private property rights and needs to be amended to remove all reference to private property.


    Stop bill 4


    I am completely opposed to this bill.Did private land owners ask for this bill .If not,who asked for it. Who are the proponents
    and promoters of this bill .
    It is plain to see,despite recent denials by Rankin and by Porter,that private landowners and not the Crown are the main target of the bill and that private landowners have the most to lose as a result of this bill. It makes you wonder why the
    persons most affected ,would not have been informed and broadly consulted well in advance {by full page ads}of the introduction of this bill. Why did it take a number of full page ads by the affected people to make ‘OUR’ elected
    representatives aware of their views.
    The out pouring of dissent makes it clear that there has been little or no consultation with private landowners up to this
    If the ACT applied only to CROWN land why did it not say right at the beginning “THIS ACT APPLIES ONLY TO CROWN LAND”
    It would have saved a lot of spilled ink let alone a lot of anguish and distress .
    The legislative record shows that the bill was introduced on march 11and had first reading, received 2nd reading and was passed on march 12 .The next stage is the law amendments committee .Sounds like a very rushed agenda for a
    government that is concerned about the rights of a large body of its constituents and wishes to collaborate with them .

    Mr .Porter now says “We are determined to get it right “. Too little too late ,why not have this determination from the
    Let it be known that when an important piece of legislation is dealth with in this manner ,you lose the trust of your
    constituents and that is a hard thing to regain and may never be regained.

    In my view the entire BILL should be scrapped.If the government wishes to have a bill that is applicable to CROWN land only
    they are free to do so. If any further attempt is made to create guidelines for private landowners the “COLLABORATION”
    should begin before the BILL is passed not after it is passed .

  71. Rev., Thomas Haynes-Paton (ret.)

    4 is “shi” of “to die” in Japanese. And I believe that this Bill will indeed do so because of its dishonest nature and intent, i.e., hurting the “people/citizens” like me.

  72. Brian MacNutt

    This Bill 4 sucks! No frigging way that any government has the right to usurp private land to do God knows what. We all own our lands, whether purchased or inherited. We pay taxes and look after our land as we see fit. That has been good enough for hundreds of years. Now Big Brother says “Nope!” They want to control everything, as indicated by the way the world is going. I want to roam on my own grass, instead of being a sheep and grazing on it (if allowed to). For God’s sake, they’re slowly taking everything away from us – and now they want to take our land. What’s next?

  73. Nadine Bourque

    I do not want bill 4 passed. I disagree with everything it wants. It is a threat to all of us land owners.

  74. Todd

    The latest news from Government, “they will only apply this Bill 4 to Crown Lands” I have been told. Well if you think this will be how it is, stop and read the fine print of this Bill. It is clear that if you a private person wants to have Bill 4 applied to a Government or Crown land problem, then it states that you will need to ask the “Attorney General” and the first thing that he will ask is do they have a letter giving them permission from the Minister over this Department, well you know if they do not have one on site at that time when they find it it will have the right date on it to apply. A few years ago the Government wanted a Golf course built down here and the amount of land they had cleared the water in one of the brooks was as brown as the land and the people complained an the Government in charge of protecting the brooks an lake came out and stood there looking at this brook and you know what they said “well they have a permit from the Minister” and they could not find any problem happening here. Try that on your land and you will see why they want a Bill4 in place. So why are they now telling us they only want this in place for Crown Lands, well it is something like a “Stop Sign” once they have a law that allows them to place it at the end of the road and it only applies to them all they need to do is amend that law an have it apply to everyone. The saying is true a “snake is a snake no matter how many times it out grows its skin”. Stop Bill 4, why is it that the only thing they can think of is more Laws. It could have something to do with the fact that the Leader over the whole Country think all we need is a little more weed to smoke. A little less will help them see clearly, stop farming, stop growing food, stop cutting your trees for wood products to build their homes with, stop paying your taxes on the land you own, when you the private landowner hits them where it hurts it will not take long for the smoke to clear. They will know what you mean by “Stop Bill 4” and bye the way what does that word “Crown” mean. It means the Government only holds it for the people, as a whole. What ever happened to “Government for the people bye the people”

  75. Earnie Carver

    We have owned the back 31 Acres of what use to be my Grandfather’s land since1990. We paid good money for it and have paid taxes on it since. My neighbors see how well it is maintained. This land has been in the Carver family for 100+ Years. No Buddy will love and maintain it better than us. As an ex. We have wildlife on it everywhere. Stop Bill 4 and stop harassing the people who feed this great province with all the goods we consume. Earnie and Linda Carver

  76. Hallie hamilton

    Stop bill4 now

  77. k dobson

    Stop bill 4 ,

    I recently bought a farm with over two hundred acres for recreational purposes, etc.

    I cant believe this bull shit ,no to bill 4!!!!

  78. Diane

    WE ARE NOT IN FAVOUR OF BILL 4! We buy the land and pay our taxes every year
    So I don’t believe anyone has the right to tell us what we can or cannot
    Do with it! What is happening to our freedoms? Would you be in favour of some
    One doing that to you?

  79. Shelley and David Perry

    stop bill 4 – you should be free to do what you want to on your on land.

  80. Derick Robinson

    The first time any private landowner in Nova Scotia is made a victim of Bill 4 I think all private landowners should step in and help or we will all be victims. Alone one person can’t do much but together we can. We can protest, block roads, set at the legislature steps and not move, herd cattle down the road, unload logs on the road, park vehicles in the way. I’m generally against this type of stuff but for 3 generations my family has worked on our forestry and farmland and made a living and used it for recreation and camping and hunting. I have kids and one grandson now. I will take the time to stop bill 4 in its tracks I guess. perhaps if you have land you have to fight for it in Nova Scotia. So lets do it together.

  81. Glenn

    Who do the people of the government think they are! They are voted in to serve the people! Not go against the majority of the people and go/ agree with the minority! How backwards is that?! STOP BILL 4
    Land owners (LAND OWNERS), own their land. Can they not comprehend?

    People pay big money, inherit from family, etc. and pay taxes to OWN their land for their enjoyment, work on, grow food, or just to get away from all the stress of the world. To lose their say, and can’t do what they want on their land, is just wrong! Why should a few people, (that probably Own nothing), get to tell people with land, what to do. I don’t get it. They can all go to h***. And stay OFF my property!


    • Todd

      Sorry Glenn Yesterday I was of the same mind as you but today I see the light. This Bill 4 is going to be the best thing to come along in years. This is going to be the perfect storm Glenn, I think You will see what the Government is seeing when I explain. So I live next to you and we can not get along, an I think it is time for you to go. Well Glenn I know you have a farm tractor or your own digging machine and are enjoying your land way to much, so now all I have to do with this Bill 4 in place is go over on your land after dark because you are sleeping from all the fun you had on your land, an I am going to dig in your brook and kill all those single cell things you know the Government will be protecting on your land and then I am going to call and report you and lets just say I tell them I know you have been doing this for four days. Well Glenn with this law in place your goose is cooked. They will take your tractor an you will have a fine of $2million to pay, well Glenn now you probable have come to see the light of the good this Bill can do for you and me. I will be able to get Your land for a nickel on the dollar because you got a big fine to pay, your tractor is gone and well Glenn lets just say the the problems between me and you are over, I think you can probably see how good this Bill will be by now Glenn. Do you know any one in Government you would like to see this Bill applied to first, maybe the leader and some ministers all we got to do is have this darn thing pasted and tear up their land and we will see how it works on them first. So we all got to change our way of looking at this Bill lets get her done! we all get together and tear up these old boys land and swear we see them do it and we get to see how it all works on them first. Now you see things in a different light Glenn. Lets say yes to Bill 4 and put it to work for the good of the people now. PS. Glenn not picking on you but when this was told to me today an I found that You comment was last one here today I said time for some fun it would be nice to see it all take place on the ones that came up with this darn Bill 4 only good thing I could see coming from a Bill like this…

  82. Tim W

    I hope you are ready for a fight !!! Bill 4 is just one of many bills designed to institute UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030. UNDRIP is another major agenda the federal government wants to push through before the end of April which is potentially much worse. The goal is communism 3.0 and as The World Economic Forum”S Great Reset predicts in 10 years you will own nothing and be happy. If haven’t heard of these agendas time to do some homework and start organising.

  83. Gladys


  84. Beverley Snow

    stop bill 4 before it stops you. I am against it !!!

  85. lloyd snow

    I am against bill 4

  86. Jason

    I bought my land so that i could live in harmony with nature…. But this government thinks anything a human does is harmfull to nature and is completely mad with power and out of control. The government is the worst polluter yet they are never punished. This bill has to be stopped or there is no point in owning privet property and paying taxes.

  87. Kelly Deveau

    I want to know who the face of the person is in Govt who actually drafted and put forward this bill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  88. Mary Jane & Ralph Schnare jr

    No to Bill 4

  89. Dean Hopkins

    As an avid outdoorsmen that enjoys hunting, fishing, canoeing, snowmobiling, snowshoeing and hiking, I am all for trying to protect our environment and to ensure its well being for the many generations ahead of us. However, we cannot turn a blind eye on the many proud land owners that support these activities, maintain their livelihoods and have dreams of their families owning their properties for future generations. There has to be ways for us all to work together to protect our environment and maintain the private land owners freedom to operate his property as he sees fit and without a noose hanging over his head. Bill 4 is very similar to how communism works. You can own it but WE control it. Is the desire for some folks to see Nova Scotia become one big provincial park? That desire would be a devastating outcome for us all. Please stop Bill 4 and find a better way.

  90. Everette Richardson

    As a responsible landowner, I do not need government to tell me how to manage and use my land. I believe we show more common sense than many of our politicians show.

  91. Jody marshall

    I will NOT.. be dictated to.
    I do not support any form of communism….
    Many people have died for our freedom…thousands….
    Less we forget
    Shame on the people who support this.
    We in Nova Scotia manage are land, that’s why we have it.
    I could keep going on about this, but this touch’s to many nerves.
    I will come stand with others, just say when.!

  92. Beverly Bullerwell

    My husband and I own farm land that we draw resources from for example logging and firewood for winter. We do not want someone telling us how much we can do on our land that we paid for and own. If this Bill 4 passes, you might as well say we will be living under a dictatorship. We definitely do not want this bill to pass at any time now or in the future

  93. Cheryl mccrimmin

    Why do we pay for our land…pay taxes..and now you want to tell me what I can or cant do with it or worse take it from me.stop bill 4

  94. Barrie Spear

    Stop Bill 4. totally unneeded legislation .Land owners in Nova Scotia are responsible ,caring individuals who care for and take great care of their ( OUR) lands. We have huge respect for all living things on our lands .

  95. Patrick Benson

    Stop Bill 4. We’re a couple who just inherited family land, owned for just over a decade. Currently we are developing a small mushroom farm and sea salt harvesting business on our property. We also hike with our dog, while foraging for wild mushrooms and cranberries. In the future we intend to fish, hunt birds and develop our land further into growing other no spray products, such as flowers, microgreens and herbs/garlics, as well as harvesting honey. Beyond that we want to extend our ocean, forest lands to our neighbors and community in hopes they too will benefit from it’s healing energy. In the spirit of healing we seriously plan to establish and facilitate a sanctuary for abused and neglected Nova Scotian people and animals for rehabilitation. We are 200% against Bill 4.

  96. Frank Eckhardt

    I was very surprised to learn of the efforts of provincial officials to control and regulate private land ownership. When the investors outside Nova Scotia find out about this, no one will buy land here anymore. That is one thing. The other is that in all socialist and fascist systems, the justification is always to protect someone from something in order to enforce the further restriction of personal and natural liberties of the people. Protection from the evil terrorists, protection from the evil CO2, protection from the evil Russians or Chinese, protection from the Covid 19 cold etc.
    At the end of the story there is always one or more bans for the people. Of course only for “their own safety”.
    Who gives up his personal freedom to gain security will always lose both in the end.

    Socialism and fascism are everywhere. Even if he comes in the guise of anti-fascism and leadership. Just then it is the most dangerous for the people of a country.
    Stop Bill4 !

    • Patrick Benson

      Well said. Frank Eckhardt for premier.

  97. david pulley

    i can not believe that bill 4 reads like it does .I know i am going to extremes when I say this but the way I read it it seems to say that is designed to protect every organism which really means if you got killing a fly that the minister could have you investigated and charged if he so chose.if anyone does not see what a crock of crap this bill is you must have your head somewhere it should not be.i know that example was way out there .If you read the bill that is how stupid it is the premier had better not put his career on this

  98. Catherine Fielding-Croft

    A Brief Response to Bill 4, Nova Scotia
    April 2021

    I grew up on the Lahave River and as a child and watched the ospreys suffer from DDT. I also watched the seaweed disappear due to affluent and sewage destroying the water quality and salinity levels. As a young person, we fished large codfish for personal use. Salmon traveled the Lahave waterway and many of our lakes had large trout populations. (Much of the pollution along our “Rhine of North America” has been highlighted by the work of Stella Bowles and Co.) Our waterways are precious, yet development along them defies logic. Infilling of water edges and marshes seems to continue unchecked at a break neck pace. We have watched the development of the lakes that surround us and what has happened to the water quality and many of the marshes along them is disgraceful….yet it continues. Old camps with limited septic systems are being turned into modern homes with the amenities that result…why are they not required to install proper septic systems when a building permit is issued? It is hard to comprehend the toll human interaction exacts on Mother Nature.
    On the other hand, I have witnessed vague, over reaching legislation take a toll on private landowners who do not have the resources to contest the action. When reading the supporting articles for the bill, the focus appears to be on clear cutting. The local news reported that the protest leader in our area addressed clear cutting. Yet, when I try to work my way through the written bill, its scope seems to be far more reaching than that. It makes me leery of the intention and implementation of the legislation.
    We make our home on approximately 200 acres of land, parts of which have been in the family since the 1930’s. There is about 6 acres of cleared land and the remainder was put under a forestry management plan in the late 1970’s which has produced a healthy mixed wood forest. During these decades, riparian waterways have been respected and wildlife corridors developed. We have selectively cut to improve the genetic quality of trees in our woodlot and we are willing to learn more regarding good stewardship of our property. People are welcome to walk, ski or peddle a bike, but motorized vehicles are not welcome. The only unnatural damage that has occurred on our property has been as a result of OHV’s cutting trails wide enough for the side by sides and blazing red paint to mark the trail. Sadly, the mindset of so many OHV drivers is if private property is interrupting their route, or as soon as they see a trail, they take full advantage causing many of us to absolutely restrain from giving permission to the respectful drivers. The erosion that has occurred is annoying to say the least and the noise pollution is most aggravating. We are frequently unable to have peaceful enjoyment of our land and have been decades combating this trespass.
    In keeping with environmental practices that are critically needed, I can appreciate the push for clean energy. To reduce our fuel consumption, we replaced our oil furnace with a heat pump last year. Yet, the amount of fossil fuel used for water sports and OHV’s is a major contributor to fossil fuel consumption. The incredible volume of boat activity threatens wildlife, yet that remains unchecked. The hobby of “mudding” with OHV’s of all types damages habitat. Where is the check on those activities? Last year our neighbourhood was alive with song birds…possibly due to the quiet that ensued as a result of Covid. As the noise levels return to the pre-pandemic levels, the birds are not as cheerful this year.
    I am not against protecting habitat to sustain biodiversity…in fact, I am pro habitat protection, including limited clear cutting. What I am opposed to is sweeping legislation that can be manipulated by far reaching advocates that do not own the land.
    My initial thoughts on the bill that addresses biodiversity are: attention should first deal with Crown land, government parks, the issuance of development and building permits along sensitive waterways and other habitats as well as reliable enforcement. If there is vital habitat at risk, maybe the governments could team up with the Nature Conservatory and buy the land at a fair price. Lead by example.

  99. Katie Scanlan

    Absolutely opposed to Bill 4 and everything it stands for. We as land owners take better care of our properties than any government ever could. We will not be dictated to. We will not be controlled like this. Enough is enough!!

    Let’s stand together as the proud Nova Scotians that we are and SAY NO TO BILL 4!

  100. Wanda Carver

    We say NO to BILL 4! Our Land is Our Land!

  101. butted

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    I bookmarked it.

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